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1950 ford pickup

The iconic Ford F-Series started in January 1948, with eight tiers of trucks: F-1 for half-ton pickups, F-2 for three-quarter ton pickups, all the way up to the F-7 and F-8 heavy-duty trucks. The base engine was a 95-horsepower 226-cid flathead six-cylinder. Ford's infamous flathead V8, with a displacement of 239 cubic inches and a power output of 100 horsepower, was available as an option.Ford's new 'Bonus-Built' trucks were entirely different from the car-based trucks they replaced, aside from the drivetrain and the 114 wheelbase. Wider, longer, and taller cabs were among the features of the all-new front sheet metal, which included integrated headlights, a one-piece windshield that improved visibility, and wider, longer, and taller cabs.

1950 ford pickup

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