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1950 corvette

In the early 1950s, Chevrolet was experiencing a sales slump, and brand manager Thomas Keating, like many others in the bow-tie division, was willing to turn things around. What is his solution? Ordering a sports car for General Motors' most well-known brand. The Project Opel sports car, cobbled together from a fiberglass body and a 3.9-liter (235-cubic-inch) straight-six engine mated to a two-speed automatic transmission, was a distinctly American take on the era's British sports cars (really). The Corvette became the rare entrant to go on to be made for customers after making its debut to a warm reception at GM's Motorama show in New York City in 1953. Unfortunately, buyers weren't enamored with the 300 1953 Corvettes that Chevrolet eventually made, an unlucky start to the bloodline that would become America's sports car.

1950 corvette

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