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1950 cadillac

General Motors' Cadillac 1959 models were one of the most interesting car designs of the 1950s. The models were created under the supervision of Mr. Chuck Jordan, Mr. Dave Holls, and the late Bill Mitchell. The 1959 GM line of car designs was regarded as a significant improvement over previous GM designs. Virgil Exner's 1957 Chrysler line, on the other hand, introduced a modern, new styling look to the car industry, which brought in a significant number of buyers. Exner's 1957 two-door hardtops, especially the Plymouth model, featured delicate, shallow roofs, short, clean beltlines, lots of glass, nicely proportioned fins, and a surprising lack of ornamentation, all of which surprised GM designers. Tail-fins of enormous dimensions resulted from the restyling of the 1959 Cadillac models. Many people, on the other hand, have admired these models for years.

1950 cadillac

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